Characteristic effects of starch.

Starch has the effect of tonifying the middle and blood, benefiting qi and generating fluid.

1、Function. The main component of starch is glucose polymer, which is broken down into glucose in the mouth or gastrointestinal tract, and the ability to release in the body for the body to consume.
2、Ease hypoglycemia. Starch will be broken down into maltose in the mouth, and further broken down into glucose in the gastrointestinal tract, with a high absorption rate, which can quickly raise blood sugar and relieve the symptoms of hypoglycemia. 3, fattening. When too much starch is consumed, the body can not fully metabolize sugar into energy, it will convert sugar into fat stored in the body, playing the role of fattening.
4, taste and freshness. Starch is one of the common seasonings in life.

Properties of starch.

Starch has the property of turning blue when exposed to iodine, which is determined by the structural characteristics of starch itself. Starch is a white amorphous powder consisting of 10%-30% straight chain starch and 70%-90% branched chain starch. The straight-chain starch dissolved in water is curled into a spiral shape with the help of hydrogen bonds within the molecule. If iodine solution is added, the iodine molecules in the iodine solution are embedded in the gaps of the spiral structure and linked to the straight-chain starch by van der Waals forces, forming a complex. This complex is able to absorb visible light (wavelength range of 400-750 nm) relatively uniformly except blue light, thus making the starch solution appear blue.

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