Development of starch in industry

Development of starch

Starch industry is an important follow-up industry of agricultural products. Over the years, it has played an important role in accumulating funds, meeting consumption, expanding employment, improving people's livelihood and serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers. In recent years, China's starch industry has shown a sustained and good development trend. Great changes have taken place in terms of the growth of total volume and speed, the adjustment of industrial structure and product structure, the application of new technologies and new equipment, and the improvement of enterprise scale, economic benefits and scientific and technological level, and it has become one of the dynamic industries in the national economy.

China's starch industry was in a rapid development stage during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" and the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". The starch output was 5.02 million tons in 2000 and 11.06 million tons in 2005. It doubled in five years, with an average annual increase of 17%. The starch output in 2010 increased by 78.35% compared with the end of the Tenth Five Year Plan. Five years of sustained and rapid development, the industry successfully completed the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", which has played a great role in improving the lives of urban and rural residents, promoting agricultural industrialization, driving farmers to increase income, and promoting the development of the national economy

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