Introduction and types of modified starch

Modified starch

Modified starch is a kind of modified starch. This kind of starch has some special physical and chemical properties, which can make the food have better performance in processing or eating when added to the food formula. As long as it is edible, its physiological function is the same as that of ordinary starch. Children can eat it.On the basis of the inherent characteristics of natural starch, in order to improve the performance of starch and expand its application range, physical, chemical or enzymatic treatment is used to introduce new functional groups on starch molecules or change the size of starch molecules and the properties of starch granules, thereby changing the natural characteristics of starch (such as gelatinization temperature, thermal viscosity and its stability, freeze-thaw stability, gel strength, film-forming property, transparency, etc.), Make it more suitable for the requirements of certain applications. This kind of starch, which has undergone secondary processing and has changed its properties, is collectively referred to as denatured starch.

Type of modified starch

The varieties and specifications of modified starch have reached more than 2000 The modified starch can be divided into physical modified starch, chemical modified starch, enzymatic modified starch and compound modified starch according to the treatment method. Physical modified starch includes: pre gelatinized starch, ultra-high frequency radiation treated starch, metal ion modified starch, smoked starch, etc; Chemical modified starch includes oxidized starch, esterified starch, etherified starch, cross-linked starch, grafted starch, etc; Enzymatic modified starch includes amylose, dextrin, resistant starch, etc; Compound modified starch refers to the modified starch obtained by two or more treatment methods, including oxidized cross-linked starch and cross-linked esterified starch. Among them, the modified starch produced by chemical methods has the largest variety and the widest use.


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