Corn main by-product processing methods

By-product processing

In the process of producing corn starch, corn starch, germ, residue, protein water and other intermediate products can be obtained, which can be used as by-products if processed. 

(3) Protein water: protein water obtained from launder, disc separator or cyclone, also known as gluten water or yellow serous water. The concentration of protein water is low, but the content of protein in dry matter is high. Due to poor filtration performance, suspended proteins cannot be directly recovered by filtration method. Usually, it is precipitated intermittently in a sedimentation tank or separated by a concentration centrifuge. The concentrated protein is mixed with the fine residue, filtered, dried, crushed and screened to obtain a protein powder containing 10-12% water, also known as gluten powder, which contains more than 40% protein and can be used as raw material for preparing feed.

(4) Drying of dregs and corn syrup: The coarse and fine dregs obtained from the screening equipment have a moisture content of more than 85%. They are dehydrated by the press to reduce the moisture content to 55~70%, and then mixed with corn syrup. As the acidity of corn syrup is high, lime is used to neutralize the acidity of corn syrup before it is mixed with residue, and then it is mixed and dried until the water content is below 12%. Its chemical composition is as follows:

Water content: 11-13%; crude fat: below 2%; crude protein: below 18%

Crude fiber below 9%, ash below 8%, soluble protein above 50%

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