Preparation of preparations of starch

Starch in formulation preparation

Overall, starch is water-insoluble, water-dispersible and swells at 60-70°C. It is often used as a diluent, binder, disintegrant and can be used to prepare dextrins and starch slurries.

1. Used as diluents (Diluents): The main role of diluents (or fillers, Fil1ers) is used to fill the weight or volume of the tablets, so as to facilitate the formulation of molding and dosing, thereby facilitating the pressing of tablets; commonly used fillers are starch, sugar, cellulose and inorganic salts, etc..

When using starch as a diluent, the more commonly used is corn starch, which is very stable, does not work with most drugs, and is relatively cheap.

2. Used as binders (Adhesives): Some drug powders are not viscous or less viscous in themselves, and need to be added to starch slurry and other viscous substances to make them stick together, then the added viscous substances are called binders.

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