Starch serves several purposes when used in meat ingredients:


  1. Absorption of Moisture: Starch possesses strong water-absorbing properties, allowing it to absorb moisture from meat ingredients. This enhances juiciness and helps retain the water content, preventing the food from becoming excessively dry.

  2. Texture Enhancement: Starch can form a gelatinous substance, increasing the stickiness and elasticity of the meat. This improves the texture, making the meat more tender and palatable.

  3. Thickening of Juices: During cooking, starch can act as a thickening agent, resulting in a denser consistency of sauces and juices. This enhances the flavor and texture of the dish.

  4. Prevention of Overheating: Starch can act as a protective agent during cooking, preventing the meat from overheating and losing excessive moisture. This helps maintain the freshness and tenderness of the meat.

  5. Color Enhancement: Starch contributes to the formation of a golden or caramelized surface during cooking, improving the color and visual appeal of the dish.

In cooking, starch is often added in the form of raw starch or starch water for marinating, coating, or thickening, depending on the culinary technique. It is essential to use an appropriate amount of starch to enhance the texture without making the food excessively sticky, as excessive use may adversely affect the overall taste and mouthfeel.

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