Corn starch and sweet potato starch differ greatly

With the improvement of our living standards, the types of cooking materials are becoming more and more abundant. I remember that when I was a child, cooking was simple soy sauce and salt, but now it is different. The kitchen of every household should be bottles and cans, and there are more auxiliary materials, such as starch.
Although starch is not as common as flour, if we do not often make pasta, the amount of starch in the dishes will be more. At present, the common starches on the market include corn starch, sweet potato starch and many other kinds. Different starches have different raw materials, but many people are not clear about the way of use. They often think that the starches are the same and can be replaced at will. In fact, it is very wrong to think that different starches have completely different effects and cannot be used indiscriminately.
Take sweet potato starch and corn starch for example. Although they are both starch, the difference can be big. Don't be silly. When cooking, you feel that they are all the same and can be used at will. It's not the case. You should first make clear the difference and then use it later.

1: Different raw materials
First of all, the most obvious difference is the difference in raw materials. Corn starch is based on corn, while sweet potato starch is based on sweet potato.
2: Different manufacturing processes
The content of starch in sweet potato is relatively high, so its production process is formed after crushing sweet potato, filtering the residue, dehydration and drying; Corn starch is produced by a series of processes such as soaking, degerming, separation and fine grinding. The former is relatively simple, while the latter is relatively complex in production technology.
3: Different nutrition
Due to the different raw materials, the nutritional components of the two starches are different. Sweet potato starch contains calcium and carbohydrates, while other minerals are few, and vitamins are almost zero. The nutritional value of corn starch is much higher than that of sweet potato starch. In addition to carbohydrates, protein, fat, etc., there are also mineral elements such as phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, vitamin B1, B2, etc.
4: Different appearance
Corn starch is generally white or slightly yellow, with luster, while sweet potato starch is generally dark white, without luster, and the shape of corn starch is generally small powder, while sweet potato starch is generally coarse or fine, not powder.
5: Different methods of use
If it is used for thickening during cooking, it is recommended to use corn starch. Corn starch is suitable for thickening, but sweet potato starch is not. Because the corn starch is easy to melt and has good viscosity, it can be directly made into starch for thickening. The cooked soup is thick and not easy to paste the pan. If the sweet potato starch is used, the sweet potato starch is very sticky and difficult to melt, so it is not easy to evenly mix the water starch, and it is easy to paste the pan.


In addition, corn starch can be used as cake, sweet potato starch is not suitable, corn starch can be used as cold skin, sweet potato starch is not suitable, sweet potato starch is suitable for frying, corn starch is not suitable, sweet potato starch can be used as sweet potato powder, and corn starch is not suitable.

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