What is emulsified starch?

Emulsifying starch is white powder, non -toxic, odorless, without odor. It is dissolved in cold and hot water, and it has good stability in the acid and alkaline environment, and the starch paste is transparent. The difference between it and emulsifier is not only emulsification, but also functions such as stability, thickening and increasing emulsion gloss. Modern emulsifier with different viscosity.
Compared with other emulsification starch, the most important performance of emulsification starch is to provide better water -based oil emulsification stability. Because the oil droplet size in the lotion is small, the embedded effect is improved. It is widely used in various foods due to its unique advantages.
In the coffee partner or the fat planting, emulsified starch can give it good powder liquidity and ensure the rapid dissolution characteristics in hot tea and coffee;
In powder oil, it can give the final products better wettability and decentralization;
In the emulsifier of fat -soluble vitamins and functional unsaturated fats, it gives the unique antioxidant specialty to the final product, and can completely replace other high -cost colloids, such as gelatin and Arabic gum;
In terms of fragrance spices, emulsified starch can also be used to produce powder -type flavors or creamy spices, improve production efficiency and improve product quality;
In the egg -free salad sauce, you can replace eggs
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