Cake mixes, the secret to the absolute delicacy of cakes

At any time, it is difficult for consumers to resist the delicious temptation of cakes. The moment I saw the cake, I started to salivate. What makes the cake look delicious? The secret to an absolutely delicious cake lies in its texture. The cake premix is the key baking ingredient that determines the texture of the cake.
Cake premix, texture decisive
People's delicious perception of food can be clearly divided into vision, taste and texture. Among them, the texture and texture of food determine nearly 80% of the delicious perception. Especially for foods such as cakes with extremely obvious differences in perception, consumers can be keenly perceived by displaying their texture and state, and make a delicious value estimate in their hearts. The physical state presented by the cake tissue is professionally defined as texture. Cakes that are soft, delicate, moist and melt in the mouth are more popular with consumers.

The texture of the cake is judged by the three dimensions of appearance, touch and taste. For example, whether the appearance of the cake is fine and uniform, and the size of the air bubbles on the surface of the cake. The weight, elasticity, pressing feeling, moistness and taste of the cake, etc.
There are so many factors that determine the texture of a cake, so how to accurately create a cake texture in conventional baking? Cake premix is the solution that came into being. Cake premixes can precisely create delicious cake textures, allowing different cakes to have different textures. After studying the popular cakes and their textures in the market, after many times of laboratory debugging and various ingredients reaching the golden balance ratio, a variety of cake premixes with different texture requirements have been created. Whether it is heavy oil, chiffon, sponge, or even mochi, it is easy to create the delicious cake texture that consumers like.
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