Pre-mixed powder to create soft and soft mochi

Premix powder is also a series of cake premix powder products, which are mainly used to make mochi, a popular dessert. As one of the founders of the mochi trend in the market, it has been committed to the combination and optimization of mochi categories and consumer needs, and through a professional mochi technical team, it has created a full-chain dynamic mochi solution for customers. Mochi premix powder is suitable for the freezing of cooked products, whether it is raw embryo freezing or cooked embryo freezing, it has excellent performance. Four advantages of soft Q mochi premix powder:
1. The skin is smooth, the product is explosive, good standing, and the taste is soft and waxy. Excellent tissue support, thin skin and plenty of flesh;
2. It is more suitable for large-scale industrial customer refrigeration program operation;
3. Good water absorption performance, more flexible and cost-optimized;
4. Suitable for baking in various stoves.

There are several product series of mochi premix powder, including healthy sugar-reduced, sucrose-free series and colorful mochi premix series. As consumers increasingly pursue healthy products, the concept of sugar reduction or even zero sugar has become a new direction for product research and development. We have developed sugar-free/sugar-reduced mochi premix powder, which can produce a series of sugar-reduced mochi with lower sweetness/sugar content without sacrificing the taste, so as to meet the needs of people who need to reduce sugar.

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