What is the difference between modified starch and ordinary starch?

The natural starch will not dissolve in cold water, but the water mold and stability are poor after meeting water, and the heat resistance and water resistance are not good. Therefore, the application of natural starch in the field of food processing is limited. The modified modified starch has such excellent properties as low gelatinization temperature, high transparency, high solubility, strong gel property, good freeze-thaw stability, low viscosity, low temperature and high temperature resistance, and is widely used in food processing.

Application of modified starch in food

Application in rice and flour products

People will add esterified starch, hydroxypropyl starch and other modified starch to cakes, noodles and other products to improve the thickening, gelatinization and stability of products. If an appropriate amount of esterified waxy corn starch or hydroxypropyl corn starch is added during the processing of noodles, the retrogradation of starch can be reduced, and the stored wet noodles still have a soft taste. Moreover, because of the good water solubility of modified starch, it is easy to absorb water and expand, and can combine with gluten protein and wheat starch to form a uniform and dense network structure, the resulting dough has a good taste. In some frozen flour products, adding some etherified modified starch can play a role in thickening and anti-aging, effectively avoiding skin cracking and starch retrogradation.

Application in dairy products
Cross linked starch and hydroxypropyl starch will be added to dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and cream ice cream to increase the gel property and stability. For example, in the process of making yoghurt, stabilizer should be added to increase the viscosity of yoghurt, improve its texture and taste, and prevent the dehydration and contraction of the contents and the separation of whey. Cross-linked ester starch has the ability to resist acid environment and high temperature during sterilization, and has good viscosity and is not easy to regenerate, so it is very suitable to be used as a stabilizer in dairy products.

Application in meat products
The modified starch has good solubility, good water retention and thickening effect, and can increase the freeze-thaw stability of food. It can be used in lunch meat, ham sausage, canned meat, Rice-meat dumplings, meat dumpling and other foods. Esterified starch and cross-linked starch are added in it to improve the product yield, water retention and gel properties.
Is denatured starch harmful to human body? Many people frown when they hear about food additives, but it is inevitable to add food additives to processed foods. However, as long as normal food additives are added according to the standard, it will not harm human health, and the same is true of denatured starch, which is basically harmless to human health. Therefore, in food-grade denatured starch added foods, the scope of use is within the scope of addition specified by relevant regulations, and it will not cause too much harm.

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