Application of cassava modified starch in flour food

As a characteristic resource, cassava starch is relatively cheap, and because of its high peak viscosity, it has high viscosity, good viscosity, high transparency, good aging resistance, long drawing and other excellent characteristics. Its protein and fat content is low, close to potato starch in indicators and performance, and is very suitable for processing modified starch.
The main denaturation methods of cassava starch include acetic acid esterification, phosphate esterification, hydroxypropylation, oxidation, cross-linking, etc. The process routes include aqueous phase method, dry method, solvent method, pre-gelatinization method, etc., of which the aqueous phase method is the main method.
Compared with the original starch, cassava modified starch has changes in its gelatinization temperature, paste film-forming property, paste viscosity, transparency and stability to the effects of acid, alkali and mechanical stirring. It can be used as food thickener or stabilizer to improve the food structure, and has a very broad application prospect in the food industry.

Application in flour products
At present, cassava modified starch used in flour products has good hydrophilicity, viscoelasticity, film-forming property, stability, aging resistance and other excellent properties.
The results showed that the mochi bread made from pre-gelatinized cassava modified starch and pre-gelatinized potato modified starch had better taste and appearance. According to different varieties of flour products, the amount of starch added is 5~20%.
1. Instant noodles
Instant noodles are the products that use the largest amount of starch in all kinds of flour products. This kind of starch is required to have the characteristics of stable viscosity, low gelatinization temperature, transparent paste, good elasticity, etc., as well as the characteristics of high temperature resistance, extrusion resistance and shear resistance.
The addition of starch can make the dough smooth and flexible, improve its water retention ability, shorten the rehydration time of the dough, make the dough cut without burr, and also improve the boiling resistance of the dough; The excellent properties of cassava modified starch can better improve the properties of instant noodles. At present, the largest amount of modified starch is cassava esterified starch, with the addition of 10-15%.
2. Fans
Most of the vermicelli are refined by traditional processes. The vermicelli are prepared with sweet potato, mung bean, potato and other raw materials. The vermicelli contains a large number of vitamins, starch, protein and other nutrients. The main characteristics of vermicelli are long cooking, thin shape, flexible vermicelli and white and transparent powder.
Adding a certain proportion of starch to the vermicelli can improve the boiling resistance and transparency of the vermicelli, and also reduce the production cost. The starch added to the vermicelli should have good film forming property and a certain degree of retrogradation. The main types of denaturation are esterified cross-linked and etherified cross-linked starch, with the addition of 10-20%.
3. Quick-frozen dumplings
Quick-frozen dumplings are a kind of frozen flour products, which are rapidly popular in the market in recent years. Proper addition of modified starch to dumplings can effectively prevent the water loss of the skin, so as to improve the defects of the skin that is easy to crack after quick-frozen and easy to expose after boiling. On the other hand, the addition of modified starch can reduce the use of flour, and modified starch can effectively reduce the use grade of flour, thus reducing its comprehensive production cost.
The modified starch used for quick freezing dumplings shall have good transparency, emulsification, whiteness, cohesiveness, water retention, aging resistance, frost resistance, etc.
Esterified starch and etherified starch are the main types of modified starch with cassava starch as raw material, and the addition amount is 8-15%. The results showed that acetylated modified starch could significantly improve the quality of quick-frozen dumpling skin and quick-frozen dumpling; Hydroxypropyl starch can improve the cracking of dumpling skin during quick-freezing and storage.
4. rice dumpling
Rice dumpling is a kind of traditional food in China. The addition of modified starch in the skin of rice dumpling can improve its cohesiveness. The addition of modified starch can not only prevent rice dumpling from cracking after freezing, but also prevent rice dumpling from being muddy when boiled, and can increase the delicate taste and transparency of rice dumpling. Therefore, this kind of modified starch requires high transparency, adhesion and freeze resistance. The main types of cassava starch denaturation are pre-gelatinized, esterified and etherified starch, with the addition of 2-10%.

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