Nutritional value of potato starch

Nutrition of potato starch
Here, we summarized the nutrition of potato starch.
Potato starch is used for pickled and fried foods, etc. It is an indispensable ingredient of food.
Others, such as instant Lamian Noodles, cooking food, making soup and so on, have been surprisingly used, such as noodles.
This time, we introduced the representative nutrients and effects contained in potato starch, as well as the differences between easily comparable nutrients and flour.
Originally made of solid roots- What are the characteristics of potato starch?
Potato starch is the starch (potato starch) that can be extracted from potatoes, also known as "potato starch (potato)".
Although it was originally collected from the liliaceae of the plant "Shancigu", which is difficult to collect, we now sell potato starch as potato starch.
Nutritional supplement effect of potato 4 points
When potato starch powder is melted and heated with water, it has the property of forming strong viscosity. Using this cooking is an opportunity.
When potato starch is added to leave the flour and directly heat the soup without melting water, the lump will be caused, and the bean paste can be heated from the speed of beating "potato starch 1, water 2" to the soup.
Potato starch is insoluble in water and will sink immediately. If you mix it closely before use, you can do it well without failure.

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