Is cassava flour the same as cassava starch?

1. The manufacturing process of cassava powder is different: it is the powdery particles obtained by crushing and drying cassava after peeling, or the powdery particles obtained by crushing after peeling and drying, which are generally produced by family-style workshops. Cassava starch: It is the starch processed through the whole assembly line. The processing process is relatively complex, including peeling, cleaning, crushing, screening, filtering, concentration, dehydration, drying, screening, etc. The fine and high-quality powder particles obtained are generally produced by the industrial assembly line.
2. Different uses of cassava powder: cassava powder is generally powdery particles, which will appear transparent and crispy after boiling with water. Cassava flour is mostly used in food processing, such as sweet dumpling, pudding or crystal dumplings. Cassava starch: cassava starch is a kind of fine powder, which will not form a mass when heated with water. Cassava starch is generally used as a condiment in life. When cooking or making soup, cassava starch will play a role in juice collection. When frying some foods, cassava starch can also be wrapped on the outer layer of the ingredients, which will make the fried food more crisp.
3. There are differences between raw and cooked cassava powder: cassava powder is rough in processing and relatively retains the toxicity of cassava, so cassava powder cannot be eaten raw. The hydrocyanic acid contained in it will harm health. Cassava starch: The cassava starch is finely processed, and the toxic substances in cassava have been removed during the processing. Therefore, cassava flour cannot be eaten raw and cassava starch can be used directly.

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