What are the characteristics of corn starch (uncooked flour)?

The characteristics of corn starch (uncooked flour) are: Strong moisture absorption. Corn starch is the most widely used starch in cooking, mainly used for thickening, curing meat, hanging paste, etc.
1. Thickening: When making some stir-fried dishes and soups, corn starch is often used to thicken the soup, making it thicker and improving the taste. Representative dish: Tofu flower
2. Marinated meat: When pickling raw meat such as pork and beef, some corn starch is added to make the fried meat taste more tender and smooth. The main ingredient of tender meat flour sold on the market is corn starch. Representative dish: Fried Shredded Pork with Green Pepper
3. Hanging paste: Due to its strong hygroscopic taste, the food is coated with a layer of corn starch. After being fried, the taste will be relatively crisp.

Representative dish: fried chicken chops.
There are many types of starch, mainly including mung bean starch, cassava starch, sweet potato starch, sweet potato starch, potato starch, wheat starch, water chestnut starch, lotus root starch, corn starch, and so on. Is it a bit confusing to hear the name. In our lives, the three most commonly used starches are mainly corn starch, potato starch, and sweet potato starch. If you can distinguish these three starches, they are basically very powerful.

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