People who often cook must collect: differences and uses of six kinds of starch


People who often cook must collect: differences and uses of six kinds of starch
Starch is widely used in cooking. Many dishes can't be separated from starch. How to distinguish and use starch? This content will be explained to you at one time! Suggested collection.
1. Cassava starch
Cassava starch has a high viscosity and is transparent after boiling. It tastes more elastic. It is an indispensable material for making chewing gum, sago and sweet potato.
2. Potato starch (potato starch)
Potato starch is another name for potato starch, which is collectively referred to as potato starch.
Advantages: potato starch has good transparency and viscosity, and is suitable for thickening. The food made is transparent and shiny, and you will have appetite when you look at it; Potato starch is also suitable for curing all kinds of meat. It can lock the moisture in the meat and make the meat more tender and smooth.
Disadvantages: potato starch will condense into a transparent paste when it is heated, and must be mixed with cold water before thickening.
3. Corn starch
Advantages: corn starch is blended into batter, and the color is golden after frying, and it tastes very crisp. Corn starch is also very suitable for dessert.
Disadvantages: its transparency and viscosity are poor, and it is not suitable for thickening.
4. Sweet potato starch
It has strong water absorption and tastes smooth after gelatinization with heated water. It is suitable for making sweet potato vermicelli, vermicelli, etc. But the price of sweet potato starch is on the high side, and its color is dark, so it is not suitable for thickening.
5. Wheat starch
Wheat starch is also called ch é ng powder. Its transparency is very good. The cooked food will appear transparent after steaming. It is generally used to make crystal shrimp dumplings, rice noodles, etc.
6. Pea starch
The food made from pea starch is soft and flexible. It is suitable for making cold noodles and cold noodles. The color is bright, beautiful and delicious.

Dessert and fried corn starch; Bean jelly is made of pea starch.
Cassava starch for baking sweet potato; Choose sweet potato starch if you want to eat noodles.
Steamed shrimp dumplings choose wheat starch; Thicken and starch potatoes.

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