What is Modified Starch?

Starch is a term already known to the public. Many foods contain starch, such as rice, potatoes, etc. These starchy foods are one of the important reasons for our feeling of fullness. But, have you heard of modified starch? What is Modified Starch? Why is starch denatured? Let's take a look together.
01Modified starch
Starch is a high-molecular carbohydrate that is very common in food. It is a macromolecule connected by many glucose molecules through a certain force, generally expressed as (C6H10O5)n. Starch is often divided into two types according to the structure of its glucose chains: amylose and amylopectin. As the name implies, amylose is a glucose chain without branches, while amylopectin has some branches connected around the glucose chain.
Modified starch, to put it bluntly, is starch that has changed its properties. This process is called starch modification, that is, on the basis of starch, various methods are used to change its molecular structure or particle properties, so that it has specific functions. And can be applied to the process of different occasions.
02Classification of modified starch
There are many types of modified starches and they are widely used, so there are many classification methods. According to the modification method of modified starch, it can be divided into physical modification, chemical modification, enzymatic modification and compound modification. According to the production route of modified starch, it can also be divided into dry method, wet method or organic solvent method, extrusion method or drum drying method. It can also be classified according to the source of starch before denaturation, such as potato modified starch, corn modified starch, wheat modified starch, etc. According to the application or function of starch, there are also oxidized starch, acid-thinned starch, cross-linked starch, cationic starch, phospholipid starch, carboxymethyl starch, carboxyalkyl starch, etc.
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