Application of modified starch in food?

Modified starch has a wide range of applications. We can often see it in our daily life. It has been applied and developed in the fields of papermaking, textile, food, construction and medicine.
Starch is a very common ingredient in food, and modified starch also plays an irreplaceable part in the food industry. Due to the various types and functions of modified starch, it is also widely used in food, mainly as food additives, such as binders, emulsifiers, thickeners and stabilizers, etc., not only can reduce the ingredients of food, It can also improve the quality of food and bring considerable economic benefits to the food industry.
In rice noodle products, modified starch can improve the taste of rehydration, chewiness and elasticity, and prolong the storage time; it can be used as a gelling agent in dairy products to improve gel performance; it can be used as a thickener or stabilizer in baked foods agent, which can improve the quality of food; in beverages, it is a stabilizer or embedding agent for some flavors and microcapsules; in candies, it can not only improve the gelation of gum candies, but also be used as a polishing agent for hard candies; In frozen food, it can effectively improve the freeze-thaw resistance of food and ensure the quality and taste of food. There are countless similar applications, which shows the status of modified starch in food.
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