Efficacy and function of whole potato powder

Harmonize the stomach, relieve heat and reduce swelling.
How to make whole potato flour
It can be made into convenience foods with various flavors, rich nutrition and varieties, such as biscuits, milk potato powder, meat pies, meatballs, snowflake breakfast porridge, meat rolls, dumplings, chips, etc., and can also be made into cold drinks, convenience foods, puffed Food, as well as various nutritious foods and snack foods used by special groups (hyperlipidemia, diabetes, the elderly, women, children, etc.), all finished products can be made with whole powder as "additive".
The main purpose
Potatoes are low-calorie, high-protein, multi-vitamin and mineral-containing foods, and almost all the nutrients needed by the human body are available. Therefore, nutritionists at home and abroad call it "perfect food". It is widely used in food processing, such as baby food, fast food, quick-frozen food, compound potato chips, instant mashed potatoes, French fries, puffed food, and fishing bait, etc. It is also an additive for biscuits, bread, and sausage processing. The product has a significant role in improving the taste of food, adjusting the nutritional structure of food and improving economic benefits.
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