Tapioca starch

Tapioca starch

Tapioca starch, is a powder made from cassava after starch extraction and dehydration and drying. There are two main types of tapioca starch: raw starch and various modified starches, which are widely used in food industry and non-food industry. Modified starch can be customized according to the specific requirements put forward by users for special applications.

Color: Tapioca starch is white in color.

No odor: Tapioca starch is odorless and is suitable for products that require fine tuning of odor, such as food and cosmetics.

Bland taste: Tapioca starch has no taste and no aftertaste (e.g. corn), so it is more suitable than ordinary starch for products that require fine flavoring, such as pudding, cakes and stuffed pastry filling, etc.

Clear paste: Tapioca starch forms a clear paste after cooking, which is suitable for coloring with pigments. This property is also important for tapioca starch to be used in the sizing of high-grade paper.

Viscosity: Tapioca starch has a high spike viscosity due to the high ratio of branched chain starch to straight chain starch of 80:20. This characteristic is suitable for many applications. Also, tapioca starch can be modified to eliminate viscosity to produce a loose structure, which is important in many food processing applications.

High freeze-thaw stability: Cassava raw starch pastes exhibit relatively low reversal, thus preventing water loss during the freeze-thaw cycle. This property can be further enhanced by modification.

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