Uses of industrial starch

Uses of industrial starch
1、cement-based products and gypsum-based products of admixtures, and other construction admixtures have good compatibility. It can play the role of thickening and bonding, and has better anti-cracking property and improve the compatibility.
2、Building materials industry has its wide range of uses. It can be used in large quantities as water retention agent, thickening agent and binder. It plays an important role in ordinary dry-mixed mortar, exterior insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, dry plaster, tile adhesion mortar, ordinary construction putty, crack-resistant interior and exterior wall putty, waterproof dry-mixed mortar, glue-free plaster, thin-layer joints and other materials, and plays an important role in water retention, solidity and construction of the system.
3、Application of construction putty powder: Add the product to the auxiliary materials and additives in proportion, and mix evenly.
4、Application in coal industry: pregelatinized starch is the binder, which has good plasticity, reduces the elasticity of coal material, improves molding, good fluidity, even dispersion, good wetting of coal grains, increases the cohesion between coal grains, can effectively control the thickness of colloidal film at the periphery of coal powder, solves the space obstacle of dense coal powder, improves the burning rate and gas production rate of coal, increases thermal efficiency by 10%- 12%, coal saving rate 20%-30%.
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