Advantages of resistant starch

Main advantages

1、Resistant starch can resist the decomposition of enzymes and release glucose slowly in the body, with a lower insulin response, which can control the balance of blood sugar and reduce hunger, especially suitable for diabetic patients.
2、Resistant starch has the function of soluble edible fiber, which can increase the volume of bowel movement, reduce constipation, and reduce the risk of colon cancer.
3、Resistant starch can reduce the amount of blood cholesterol and triglyceride, because the amount of cholesterol and triglyceride in excretion increases after eating resistant starch, so it has a certain weight loss effect.
4、Resistant starch can add value, according to the information, the original starch of Jade Pearl 20 cents / pound, made into functional resistant starch as food ingredients, the price can be increased to 2.5 U.S. dollars / pound, the value increased 10 times.

Basic Overview

Resistant starch itself is still a starch, with a chemical structure different from that of a fiber, but with properties similar to those of a dissolving fiber. Resistant starch can also be increased by some processing methods, such as heating the original starch to make it paste and quickly cool it, then this paste produces aging, or starch products stored in the refrigerator, can increase the content of resistant starch; also can add fat to make starch denaturation to increase the content of resistant starch, because fat can make the internal spiral structure of starch molecules solidify and stabilize, can resist the erosion of enzymes.

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