Applications of modified starch


As one of the important raw and auxiliary materials in industry, modified starch can be widely used in papermaking, food, textile, construction, medicine and other industries. Manufacturers should actively develop new products and expand the application fields of modified starch.

1. The modified starch for food should be functional, diversified and convenient. Food processing should develop new varieties, focus on the development of corn products, develop potato starch, denatured starch and derivative products; The development of convenient food, nutritional health food and emulsion thickening quality improver. Therefore, modified starch for food can be used to develop functional modified starch, modified starch for convenient food and alkenyl succinate starch in short supply in China. As a food additive, denatured starch should take into account the increasing trend of patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia in China, develop fat substitutes and sugar substitutes that have both energy and nutritional value and do not affect blood sugar, so as to meet the needs of increasing incidence rate of diabetes patients year by year. At present, starch based fat substitutes can be used in almost all foods that need to add oil; The developed anti digestible starch has low water holding capacity, small particles, refreshing flavor, and smaller crystallite structure than ordinary dietary fiber, and can also be used as a functional component in a variety of foods.

2. The development speed of modified starch which can replace 100% chemical size PVA also needs to be accelerated. At present, the modified starch used for textile sizing is mainly acidolysis starch, oxidized starch, urea starch, phosphate starch, etc., as well as a small amount of acetate starch and composite modified starch. These varieties are difficult to replace 100% chemical size PVA, especially in sizing of high branch yarn products. Because of its non degradability, PVA is gradually used less or not in textile sizing. Similar products have been launched abroad. It is believed that with the efforts of people in the domestic modified starch industry, this product can be developed.

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