Applications of modified starch

Food applications

Modified starches are used in the food industry mainly as thickeners, gelling agents, binders, emulsifiers and stabilisers. It can replace expensive raw materials, reduce food manufacturing costs, improve food quality and increase economic efficiency at the same time.

Casual Foods

The main use of modified starch good adhesion, swelling type, brittle performance and fluffy structure, commonly used modified starch are pre-dextrinized starch, etherified starch and composite modified starch

1). In extruded puffed food, modified starch can make the products have good swelling and structure, the strength and brittleness of the products are also improved, the products have uniform organization and high output rate, and the functional fiber content can be increased

2). In microwave puffed food, modified starch can control the volume and structure of the product, making the product pore uniformity

3). In crunchy peanuts, modified starch can improve the crunchy structure, giving the crunchy skin a light, crispy, crunchy and fluffy structure.

4). In other foodstuffs, modified starch can also play a good role

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