How to make corn starch

The first step in making corn starch


Cleaning corn contains various dust and mustard, organic and inorganic impurities. In order to ensure safe production and product quality, the impurities present in the corn must be cleaned. The method of cleaning corn, mainly using screening, wind selection, etc.. Cleaning equipment are vibrating screen, specific gravity de-stoner, permanent magnetic drum and wheat washing machine.

Vibrating screens are used to remove large, medium and small debris from corn. Sieve hole is equipped with, the first layer of screen surface with diameter 17 ~ 20 mm round hole, the second layer of screen surface diameter 12 ~ 15 mm round hole, remove large, medium debris, the third layer of screen surface selected diameter 2 mm round hole to remove small debris.

Specific gravity de-stoner is used to remove the parallel stone in corn. Because the corn particle size is larger, the grain type is flat, the specific gravity is also larger and other characteristics, in the operation should be appropriate to increase the wind volume, wind speed appropriate to increase, through the fish scale hole wind speed of about 14 m / s. The raised height of the fish scale hole should also be increased to 2 mm appropriately. When operating, attention should be paid to the movement state of the material on the fish scale sieve, adjusting the wind volume and checking the stone discharge at the stone discharge port regularly.

The permanent magnetic drum is used to remove the magnetic metal impurities in the corn and should be placed in front of the corn ground into the crusher to prevent the metal impurities from entering the crusher.

The wheat washing machine can clean the mud and dust in the corn. The ash content of corn can be reduced by 0.02-0.6% after cleaning.

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