Introduction of potato starch

Potato starch

Potato Flour (Potato Flour) is made from potatoes, including the skins, that have been cooked, dried and finely ground. It can be used as a thickening agent, although for thickening the consistency is not as thick as too white powder, but in some baked goods, it can retain moisture.

Potato starch production process is basically the same as the process of producing starch from fresh sweet potatoes, but industrial production of potato starch is simpler than manual production. It is mainly organized by washing, grinding, sieving, separating proteins, washing, dewatering and drying of raw materials. The main difference between the general traditional and modern production methods is that the latter use disc centrifuges or spin-liquid separators instead of flow tanks to separate impurities, allowing the operation to be automated and continuous for larger scale production

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