Characteristics of potato starch and sweet potato starch

Potato starch (potatoes starch) is characterized by:
Strong viscosity Potato starch has a strong viscosity, white color, and good transparency. It is mainly used for making sauces, frying pans, and meat packets.
1. Making sauce: Potato starch is a good thickener and is widely used in sauce foods. Its transparency is high, and the sauce produced in the book has a transparent color and looks more appetizing.
2. If you want to make pot wrapped meat, it is best to choose potato starch, because it has strong viscosity and swelling, and the paste on it is not easy to fall off. Pay attention to the storage method.

Sweet potato starch (sweet potato starch, sweet potato starch) characteristics:
The sweet potato starch is generally granular, lusterless, and its viscosity is difficult to control after being shaved, so it will not be used in thickening, and is mainly used for frying and making Chinese style Dim sum, vermicelli, and vermicelli.
1. Fried: Due to the strong water absorption of sweet potato starch, the fried food is more dry, without excessive moisture, and the skin is harder and crispy. Representative dish: pineapple and mutton
2. Making Chinese Dim sum: such as Shanfen Dumpling, because of its smooth and tenacious taste, it is also suitable for making vermicelli, vermicelli, etc. Representative dish: Hot and Sour Noodles

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