The difference between corn starch and wheat starch

I.Different raw materials.

1, corn starch: the starch extracted from corn, also known as corn starch. Commonly known as six grain flour.

2, wheat starch: starch extracted from wheat, the past is the use of fermentation method, that is, wheat softened with water, ground, acid fermentation, so that the cells surrounding the starch granules are dissolved and the starch is easy to separate.

II.The color is different.

1、Corn starch: the raw material is corn, white with light yellow powder
2、Wheat starch: the raw material is wheat, white powder

III.Different extraction methods

1、Corn starch: corn is impregnated with 0.3% sulfite, then crushed, sieved, precipitated, dried and finely ground.
2、Wheat starch: Wheat flour is used as raw material, 50~80% water is added in the churning machine, and the flour is kneaded into dough at 40 rpm. The churning time is about 30 minutes and left for 30 minutes to make the gluten inflated and bonded to each other, so that the starch can be easily separated.
If the right amount of salt is added, it can improve the quality of gluten and promote its bonding. If there is more free acid in the flour, add the right amount of calcium hydroxide to adjust its pH value. After the dough is temporarily rested, add 5-8 times of water for kneading and washing, and knead it in 3 to 4 times. The washed emulsion is starch milk, which needs to be refined and purified, and the remaining material is gluten, containing 65-70% water, and after drying, the protein content is about 75%-85%, which can be eaten or used as raw material for making oil gluten.

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