Characteristics of cassava flour


Cassava flour is a kind of starch extracted from the tuberous roots of tropical plants. This plant belongs to the Acer family, and is the same family as castor, rubber and tung. It will be transparent after being heated and boiled, and the taste is elastic.

Cassava powder is made from cassava powder, which is starch refined from the root of cassava or manihot esculenta plant. It is the main ingredient of baby food milk pudding, and also used to thicken soup and stew.

Viscosity: As the ratio of amylopectin to amylose in cassava starch is as high as 80:20, it has a high peak viscosity. This feature is suitable for many purposes. At the same time, cassava starch can also be modified to eliminate viscosity and produce loose structure, which is very important in many food processing.

High freeze-thaw stability: cassava starch paste shows relatively low reversibility, thus preventing water loss in the freeze-thaw cycle. This property can be further enhanced by modification.

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