Overview of modified starch

Modified starch

Modified starch is the use of physical, chemical and enzymatic means to change the properties of natural starch to make it meet the needs of various applications in various industries. China has produced more than 70 varieties of modified starch, including pre-dextrinized starch, acidified starch, oxidized starch, etherified starch, esterified starch, cross-linked starch and grafted starch, which are used in textile, paper, food, petroleum, medical, construction, agricultural feed and daily chemical industries. They are mainly used as wet additives, interlayer or surface spraying agents, surface sizing agents and coating adhesives. They significantly improve the physical strength of paper, improve the quality and grade, reduce the ratio of wood pulp, improve the retention rate of fine fibers and fillers, improve the ash, whiteness and opacity of finished paper, reduce the wet end break, reduce the emission of three wastes and improve the printing performance.

The application of modified starch in food industry can make processed food maintain high viscosity stability under high temperature, high shear force and low PH conditions and keep its thickening ability, also can make processed food avoid water separation in the process of room temperature or low temperature storage, because the transparency of starch paste is improved through denaturation, so it can improve the appearance of food and increase its gloss. Therefore, modified starch can be added in the production of convenience food, meat products, seasoning, yogurt, soup, candy, jelly, frozen food, bean paste filling, crunchy snacks and casual food to improve the quality of products.

Modified starch is used in textile industry, mainly in silk sizing and printing paste. In petroleum industry, modified starch is mainly used in oil drilling fluid, fracturing fluid and oil and gas production in many occasions. In short, modified starch has a wide range of applications, strong specialization and many varieties, and it is a product with great market potential and is constantly developing.

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