Specific applications of starch in candies and pastries

1. Hard candy

When making hard candies, adding starch slurry prevents the syrup from crystallizing. Starch granules will form a gel after being heated and gelatinized, which hinders the crystallization of sucrose molecules in the syrup, thereby keeping the hard candy transparent, smooth surface and hard and crisp.

2. Gummies

When making fudge, adding starch will prevent the candy from hardening. Starch absorbs the moisture in the candy, keeping it soft and elastic. In addition, starch can interact with other ingredients in the candy to form a stable structure and prevent the candy from spoiling.

3. Cake

When making cakes, adding starch can increase the fluffiness of the cake. Starch granules will expand after being heated and gelatinized, thereby increasing the volume of the cake and making it more fluffy and soft. Additionally, starch helps the cake retain moisture and prevents it from drying out.

4. Cookies

When making biscuits, adding starch can maintain the crispness of the biscuits. Starch can absorb moisture in biscuits and form a film on the surface to prevent moisture loss. In addition, starch can interact with other ingredients in the cookie to create a crispy texture.

5. Ice cream

When making ice cream, adding starch can prevent the ice cream from clumping. Starch can absorb the water in the ice cream to form a stable emulsion state, preventing the ice cream from clumping during the freezing process. In addition, starch can also increase the viscosity of ice cream and make it taste smoother.

6. Bread

When making bread, adding starch can improve the texture of the bread. The starch absorbs the moisture in the bread, causing it to form a stronger gluten network, giving the bread better elasticity and toughness. In addition, starch can add bulk to bread, making it fluffier and softer.

7. Jelly

When making jelly, adding starch will prevent the jelly from becoming soft. Starch granules form a gel when heated and gelatinized, giving the jelly its elasticity and solid shape. In addition, starch can prevent the loss of water in the jelly, allowing it to maintain a certain humidity.

8. Canned food

When canning food, adding starch can prevent canned food from dehydrating. Starch can absorb the moisture in canned food and form a stable gel to prevent moisture loss. Additionally, starch can interact with other ingredients in canned foods to prevent them from spoiling.

Things to note when using starch

Starch needs to be gelatinized before use, that is, heated to a certain temperature to gelatinize it into a paste. Only gelatinized starch can fully exert its functions.
Starch should not be used excessively, otherwise it will affect the taste and flavor of candies and pastries. Excessive use of starch will cause candies and pastries to become sticky and hard, losing their proper taste.
Starch should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry place. Starch easily absorbs moisture and clumps, so attention should be paid to storage conditions to prevent it from deteriorating.
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