What can premix powder be used for?

Sesame ball pre-mix powder is a kind of baking raw material for making sesame balls. The sesame balls made from sesame ball pre-mix powder can be directly fried in a pan, which is more convenient and quick, eliminating the need for kneading noodles.

Pre-mixed powder, also known as pre-mixed powder, refers to the baking raw materials that are pre-mixed according to the recipe before baking, and then sold to manufacturers. It is essentially different from a single raw material and is used to make food. A lot of trouble can be omitted, and production efficiency can be improved.
For those who are not familiar with baking, they definitely don’t know much about pre-mixed powder, but in fact, pre-mixed powder is similar to the baking powder we usually use to make bread, cakes and other foods, which can help food ferment and enhance flavor. When making food, adding some ready-mixed powder in an appropriate amount can make the food more fluffy and soft.

But in essence, premixed powder is fundamentally different from other single raw materials. It is a compound semi-finished product that includes some baking technology content and the way of compound powder. Many manufacturers combine many food materials It is prepared in a professional way and then sold, thereby reducing the success rate of production and avoiding failure to a great extent.
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