Emulsification and gelation of modified starch

Emulsifier is a kind of surfactant, which needs water-containing group and lipophilic group. Emulsifiers can make the food system form a uniform and stable dispersion or emulsification body, thereby improving the food structure, taste and appearance, and making the color, aroma, taste and shape of the food form a harmonious body, so as to improve the quality and preservation properties of the food.
Among the edible modified starches that have emulsifying effect are carboxymethyl starch, sodium starch phosphate, starch octenyl succinate and various cyclodextrins. Among them, carboxymethyl starch and sodium starch phosphate are polymer electrolytes with certain surface activity and can be used as thickening emulsifiers for ultra-low lipid ice cream; starch octenyl succinate has lipophilic and hydrophilic groups and is a a surfactant that can
Used as an emulsifier for flavors, fragrances, vitamins and oils to improve their stability in beverages and facilitate the stability of beverage color and taste. As a food emulsifier, β-cyclodextrin is different from commonly used food surfactants. Its inner cavity is hydrophobic, the outer cavity is hydrophilic, and has strong viscosity. It can be used to make customary cream, seasoning oil, cheese and ice cream, as well as Enhanced stability.
Modified starches used as food gelling agents mainly include cross-linked starch, acid-thinned starch and oxidized starch. Using starch phosphate diester instead of expensive gelatin to produce jelly has the same gel structure, texture and taste as gelatin products, and there is no aging phenomenon after long-term storage. Starch phosphate diester is used in the production of ice cream, the expansion rate of ice cream is equivalent to that of gelatin, and other sensory properties are also similar, making it
When starch phosphate diester is used, the aging time can be shortened, thereby shortening the production cycle. In addition, the decoration industry uses acid-thinned starch and oxidized starch to produce sweets such as candy, which can produce high-strength jelly candy with good taste. Using acid-modified starch to produce toffee non-stick paper, chewy and elastic, can maintain product stability for a long time. Using oxidized starch instead of gum arabic to produce candies such as gum candy can greatly extend the shelf life of the product.
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