What is modified potato starch?

There are two types of potato starch: natural starch (usually referred to as native potato starch) and modified starch.
Modified potato starch is starch that has been altered in some way or form. Unlike some preconceptions, this does not necessarily mean that the starch has been genetically modified. There are genetically modified potatoes with their amylose/amylopectin adjusted from the normal 20%/80%.No genetically modified materials are used, nor is our starch produced by or derived from GMOs. Modified starch in our portfolio simply means that alterations have been made to sidestream potato starch, to improve certain properties, such as structure or solubility. These alterations make the starch more suitable for modern processing.
The reasons to modify starch
The starch can be altered in several ways. One example, native starch contains water for a certain amount of time. With modified potato starch, this natural tendency can be changed to the demands of our customers. This makes the starch more suitable for longer storage. Another reason to modify starch is to have it resist extreme temperatures better (excessive heat or freezing) or to make it better suited in various applications where natural adhesives are preferred. An example of the latter is a pregelatinized starch. There are many ways to modify starch, and below you can find some of the current possibilities.
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