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White bread crumbs crispy fried chicken breading mix

White bread crumbs crispy fried chicken breading mix

Product Description

Granule Coating
Application fields: chicken/fish steak wrapped in flour, fried chicken powder, batter coated powder, tempura powder, Tang Yang powder,
Small crispy meat powder, all kinds of fried food coating powder,fried Products
Recommended products: Granular Coating Flour, Granular Starch, Fried Chicken Powder, Pregelatinized Starch
Application effect: Provides a crispy taste, many particles and even distribution, golden color, strong fragrance
Yu, good persistence, improve water retention and cohesion, tender meat, good freeze-thaw stability
Main ingredients:wheat flour, corn starch, food additives (guar gum, sodium hydrogen carbonate, monosodium glutamate)
Advice of frying oil:fry for 5-8 minutes at 150-170℃

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