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Factory price potato whole powder

Factory price potato whole powder

Product Description

Whole potato flour is one of the dehydrated potato products. Using fresh potatoes as raw materials, through processes such as cleaning, peeling, selecting, slicing, rinsing, precooking, cooling, steaming, and mashing, the finely granulated, flaked, or powdered products obtained through dehydration and drying are collectively referred to as potato flour.

Product Application

It can be made into convenient food with various flavors, nutrients and varieties, such as biscuits, milk potato powder, meat cakes, balls, snowflake breakfast Congee, meat rolls, dumplings, crisps, etc. It can also be made into cold drinks, convenient food, puffed food, and various nutritional food and leisure food for special groups (hyperlipidemia, diabetes, the elderly, women, children, etc.). All finished products can be made with whole powder as "additive".
Potatoes are low calorie, high protein, multi vitamin and mineral foods, and almost all the nutrients needed by the human body are available. Therefore, nutritionists at home and abroad praise them as "the perfect food". It is widely used in food processing, such as baby food, fast food, frozen food, composite potato chips, convenient mashed potatoes, French fries, puffed food, and fish bait. It is also an additive in the processing of biscuits, bread, and sausages. Using this product can significantly promote the improvement of food taste, adjustment of food nutritional structure, and improvement of economic benefits.





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