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Natural modified potato starch is used to make candy and ice cream

Natural modified potato starch is used to make candy and ice cream

Product Application

Application in candy
In confectionery, potato starch is used as a filler and icing. It can improve the taste and chewiness of the product, increase the elasticity and fineness, and can effectively prevent the deformation and discoloration of the sugar body, and prolong the shelf life of the product.

Application in pasta
Potato starch was added to the dough to make the noodles, so that results related to the processing characteristics of the noodles could be made.

Application in meat products
Since the transparency of potato starch is very high after gelatinization, it can prevent the color change of meat products, so it can reduce the use of other additives and maintain the fresh and tender color of meat for a long time.

Application in dairy products
Because potato starch has strong water absorption, formability, gelatinization, melting and expansion, it can also increase the viscosity, transparency and taste of yogurt.

Applications in other industries
In modern industries, more and more potato starch is used as an important raw material to replace corn starch, wheat starch, tapioca starch, etc. in the production and processing process.





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