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Dextrine pharmaceutical grade

Dextrine pharmaceutical grade

Used as thickener and stabilizer for medicinal sugar. Used as excipients and filler for tablet or infusion. White or similar white unformed powder; Odourless,taste sweet. Easily soluble in boilling water, nonsoluble in ethanol or ethyl ether.

It is a polar solvent with strong solubility and good selectivity. Most organic compounds and polymers can be dissolved in sulfolane or miscible with it. In addition, it can also be used in textile printing and dyeing industry as printing and dyeing auxiliaries, which can make the color bright and bright. It is used for purification and desulfurization of natural gas, extraction of aromatic hydrocarbons from reforming oil, and removal of impurities such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and organic sulfur in hydrogen, etc.

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