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Полезный порошок капусты Порошок экстракта капусты

Полезный порошок капусты Порошок экстракта капусты

Variety:Cabbage Extract
Extraction Type:Spray drying
Packaging:Bottle, Drum
Grade:Food grade, Food Grade
Application:Food, Food Addtive
Cultivation method:artificial planting
Product name:Cabbage Powder
Color:Light Green Powder
Solubility:Water soluable
Storage:Cool & dry place without strong light

Cabbage Powder
Cabbage is very high in vitamins K, A and C. It also contains dietary fiber, folic acid, manganese, thiamin, phosphorus, iron, calcium and magnesium. Cabbage powder is a green powder made from dehydrated cabbage and is intended for use as a food service or industrial ingredient. The most common application for cabbage powder is as an additive to soups, stews and seasonings. Another important use is the rehydration of the powder into cabbage juice.
Product Name Organic Green Cabbage Powder
Drying Method Air Dried
Particle Size 80-120 Mesh
Features Fine Powder
Natural Primary Colors
High Quality Raw Materials
Rich Dietary Fiber







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