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Крахмал модифицированный кондитерский Е1442

Крахмал модифицированный кондитерский Е1442

1) Potato Starch is widely used in producing vermicelli, meat products, ham sausage, ice cream, fudge, crisp food, candy, etc.

2) Used in beer production, replace rice to be an excipient of beer production, and processed into beer syrup for replacing malt.
3) Used as anti-coagulant in white powdered sugar.
4) Mix potato starch with milk or water, we can get the liquid with special appearance and texture.
5) Widely used as coagulator in pudding, jelly and other foods.
6) Used as thickener Chinese dishes and French foods.
7) Added in flour for reducing the amount of gluten and flour ash, enhancing flour whiteness.

8)Used as thickener Chinese dishes and French foods.

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