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Distarch phosphate (E1412) Modified starch for Surimi products

Distarch phosphate (E1412) Modified starch for Surimi products

Product Description

The Modified starch is divided into Carboxymethyl starch (CMS) and Pregelatinized starch. According to the different raw materials of Pregelatinized starch, it is divided into Pregelatinized corn starch and Pregelatinized tapioca/cassava starch.

E1412 Distarch phosphate is a food additive, also known as phosphate modified starch, typically composed of starch and phosphate. Its main function is thickening and seasoning, with excellent thermal stability and freezing performance. It can be used in various food processing, such as bread, noodles, salad dressings, cream, ice cream, pickled vegetables, etc.
The specific roles of E1412 Distarch photosphate in food processing include the following:
1.Thickening: E1412 Detach phosphate can be gel and thickened under high temperature, making the food texture thicker.
2.Seasoning: E1412 Distill phosphate can enhance the taste and freshness of food, and improve the quality of the product.
3.Stability: E1412 Detach phosphate can maintain the stability of food and prevent food separation and oxidation.
4.Moisturizing: E1412 Distarch photosphate has good water retention, which can prevent food from drying and spoilage.
In addition to its application in food, E1412 Distarch photosphate is also widely used in other fields, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, etc. For example, in pharmaceutical preparations, it can be used as a excipient for capsules and tablets, increasing the stability and solubility of the drug. In cosmetics, it can be used as a thickener for foundation make-up, lotion, etc., to improve the texture and use experience of products.

Product Applications

Application in food: Fast dissolution and cohesiveness are the main properties of pregelatinized starch, so it can be used in some occasions with strict time requirements. In the food industry, it can be used to save heat treatment and require thickening and shape retention. In other aspects, it can improve the quality of pastry, stabilize the internal structure of frozen food, etc. Pregelatinized starch is mainly used in the food industry to make soft puddings, gravy fillings, pastes, dehydrated soups, seasonings, and marshmallows.
Application in eel farming: usually eel feed is granular, which is composed of nutrient-rich feed powder rich in vitamins, a certain proportion of adhesives, oils, etc., and the adhesive must have the following characteristics: ① non-toxic, Easy to digest and nutritious; ②Transparent; ③Until the eel is finished eating, it maintains the overall shape of the particles; ④Not dissolved by solutes in water; ⑤Non-stick equipment. Pregelatinized potato starch is the best eel feed binder, and the general adding amount is 20%.
Application in the cosmetics industry: Talcum powder is a commonly used skin care product, which is generally made of talcum powder, starch and other auxiliary materials. Nowadays, gelatinized starch is used to replace talcum powder and starch in foreign countries to make new types of talcum powder. In addition to the characteristics of ordinary talcum powder, it also has the characteristics of good skin affinity and strong water absorption.
Application in the pharmaceutical industry: general western medicine tablets are composed of medicinal ingredients, starch binders, lubricants, etc. The starch in it mainly plays a role in material balance. The new type of tablet is composed of medicinal ingredients, pregelatinized lake, and lubricant grades. The gelatinized starch in it not only acts as a material balance, but also acts as a binder. This reduces unnecessary side effects caused by adding other binders. Because the tablet produced by this new formula can not only meet the medical requirements, but also has the characteristics of high strength after molding, easy digestion after taking, easy dissolution and no side effects.
Application in other industries: Pregelatinized starch can be quickly dissolved in cold water to form high-viscosity starch paste, which makes it successfully applied in many aspects. For example, it is used as a sand binder in metal casting; it is widely used as a sizing agent in the textile industry; it is used as a water-based paint in the construction industry; it is used in oil well drilling mud in the petroleum industry to increase water storage and viscosity; [ 3] In addition, it can also be used as a raw material for further denaturation treatment. For example, in the preparation of starch graft copolymers, the starch raw material is pregelatinized and then grafted, which can significantly increase the average molecular weight of the grafted branched polymer, while the grafting frequency can be greatly reduced.





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