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Fried Chicken Powder Frying Mix

Fried Chicken Powder Frying Mix

Product Description

Ready mixed powder is a new product that has emerged with the acceleration of people's pace of life and the improvement of living standards. It is a composite semi-finished product that combines different characteristics and types of powdered raw materials with certain formulas and advanced physical, chemical, biological and other technologies.
Fried ready-mixed powder is a type of pre mixed powder used in fried food, mainly consisting of flour and starch as the main ingredients, mixed with plant oil, thickeners, seasonings, colorants, spices, and other additives. Its main function is to improve the taste and color of the product, and increase its shelf life. The use of starch in ready-mixed powder increases the stability and fluidity of the slurry, increases the bonding between the material and the coating, making it less prone to shell, while maintaining moisture and increasing tenderness. 5% -10% vegetable oil is also added to the pre mixed powder to regulate the smoothness of the slurry and improve its properties; In addition, a small amount of pepper and ginger powder will be added to enhance the flavor of the wrapping. However, during the processing and production of fried products, after being prepared into a slurry, due to factors such as continuous stirring of the fried materials, there will be a separation of the oil slurry after about 2-3 hours. At the same time, the flavor substances of the spices will be reduced by more than half compared to the freshly prepared slurry.

Product Feature

1. Improve product color and taste;
2. Improve the product yield and make it easy to process;
3. The package is tighter and less prone to separation of flesh and skin.
application area 
Fried chicken pre mixed powder, shrimp chop pre mixed powder, fish chop pre mixed powder, salt crispy chicken pre mixed powder, donut pre mixed powder, American hot dog pre mixed powder;
Tempura shrimp pre mixed powder, desktop chicken chops pre mixed powder, chicken nuggets (plain, black pepper) pre mixed powder






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