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E1440 Potato modified starch for rice-flour products

E1440 Potato modified starch for rice-flour products

Product Description

Modified potato starch refers to starch that undergoes certain processing methods to change its properties, mainly including acidification, heating, enzymatic hydrolysis, and other methods. Potato modified starch is characterized by its viscosity, high viscosity and good gel, which can be quickly gel and stabilized at low temperature. Therefore, it is often used as a gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier and thickener in food processing. Modified potato starch can also be used to make puffed foods, beverages, meat products, and so on.

Product Features

The gelatinization temperature is low, so that the flour products can be gelatinized at a relatively low temperature
Good thermal viscosity and adhesion, reducing noodle breakage and muddy soup
Improve rehydration and shorten cooking or brewing time of noodle products
Increase the toughness and elasticity of noodle products, making the taste smooth and firm
Strong water absorption capacity, which is beneficial to the follow-up process and cost control
Anti-aging, good anti-freeze performance, effectively prolonging the shelf life of noodle products

Product Applicable

Suitable for instant noodles, dried noodles, wet noodles, rice noodles, udon noodles, Japanese ramen, rice noodles, quick-frozen dumplings, rice balls, etc.

Modified starch is a kind of starch that is changed by physical or chemical treatment. It is widely used in industry and cosmetics industry. Here are some common applications:
In the industrial industry, modified starch is often used in the following fields:
Pulp and paper industry: Modified starch can be used as coating and adhesive to improve the strength and gloss of paper.
Textile industry: modified starch can be used as adhesive and anti-shrinking agent, which can make the fiber more firm and not easy to shrink.
Food processing industry: denatured starch can be used as thickener, stabilizer and colloid stabilizer for making cakes, biscuits, frozen foods, etc.
Chemical industry: Modified starch can be used as adhesive, emulsifier, colloid stabilizer and adhesive for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.
In the cosmetics industry, modified starch is usually used for the following applications:
Skin care products: denatured starch can be used as an oil absorbent, thickener and stabilizer, and can be used to make facial cleansers, face cream, sunscreen, etc.
Foundation make-up and makeup: denatured starch can be used as oil absorbent and thickener, and can be used to make foundation make-up, eye shadow, powder blusher, etc.
Shampoo and conditioner: Modified starch can be used as thickener and stabilizer to make shampoo and conditioner.
In short, modified starch is widely used in industry and cosmetics, and is one of the indispensable ingredients in many products.






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