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Rice flour food manufacturers made products for sales

Rice flour food manufacturers made products for sales

Product Description

Rice is an essential part of the Rice flour, as the name suggests, is a powdered ingredient made from rice.As a new way of eating rice, it has been rapidly gaining attention in recent years.

Use it as a substitute for wheat flour.Thanks to advances in flour milling technology, it is widely used in breads, cakes, and even noodles, and its unique springy texture is gaining popularity, and its potential continues to expand.Comparing the oil absorption rate of wheat flour and rice flour, wheat flour = less than 50%, rice flour = less than 30%, rice flour has lower oil absorption and is healthier.

For example, if you use rice flour , it will have a lighter taste than usual, and will remain crispy for a long time even after it cools down.Rice flour has an excellent balance of amino acids necessary for humans.A protein that makes up important tissues of the body such as muscles and internal organs. Amino acids are what make up the protein.

Product Application

Rice flour used to be a raw material for Japanese sweets, but with the improvement of milling technology, it can be used in a wide range of products, from breads and cakes to even ramen noodles. Delicious and easy to eat in various shapes such as pasta and sweets





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