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Compound modified starch

Compound modified starch

Product Description

Compound starch refers to starch products made by mixing different types of starch after physical or chemical modification. It is characterized by complex structure and multiple functions.

Product Application

Compound modified starch: starch has better thermal stability and viscosity characteristics through chemical modification, and can be used in food, beverage, candy, dairy products and other industries as thickeners, gelling agents, stabilizers, etc.
Compound esterified starch: esterify starch molecules and fatty acids through chemical reactions, which can improve the fat affinity and emulsification of starch. It can be used in salad dressing, cheese, meat products, frozen foods, etc., as an emulsifier, Stabilizers, thickeners, etc.
Compound phosphorylated starch: through phosphorylation reaction, starch molecules are negatively charged, which can improve the water solubility and viscosity of starch. It can be used in candies, beverages, jellies, etc. as a gelling agent, stabilizer, thickener, etc. agent etc.
Compound alcoholyzed starch: starch molecules are hydrolyzed into oligosaccharides or monosaccharides by enzymatic method, which can improve the sweetness and solubility of starch, and can be used in beverages, candies, biscuits, etc. as sweeteners and thickeners wait.
Compound oxidized starch: Carboxyl groups are added to starch molecules through oxidation reaction, which can improve the viscosity and stability of starch. It can be used in bread, cakes, meat products, etc. as a stabilizer and thickener.
In short, compound starch has multiple functions and can be used in food, medicine, textile, paper and other industries, and is an important functional food ingredient.








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