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E1412 Distarch Phosphate modified waxy corn starch for syrup

E1412 Distarch Phosphate modified waxy corn starch for syrup

Source: Corn, waxy corn, tapioca
Appearance: White powder
Character: tasteless, odorless

Main function:

Thickening agent, water retention agent, stabilizer, gelatinizing agent, dispersant
Functions and advantages
1.     It has lower gelatinization temperature, and has a stronger water absorption at a lower temperature, suitable for the production of dough, rice flour and other products for absorbing water
2.     It has good transparency after gelatinization, and is suitable for products with high requirements on transparency and brightness, which is better than acetylated distarch phosphate
3.     It has high peak viscosity and low cold lake viscosity. It has strong adhesion in heating and good flow after cooling
4.     It has good anti-aging property and can keep good stability in storage, no drainage, no dilute, no harden
5.     It has good freeze-thaw stability, suitable for frozen storage products, which is better than acetylated distarch phosphate
6.     It has good film-forming property, good membrane transparency, high strength and good toughness
7.     It has good shear resistance, can meet requirements of products which need high speed shear, mean or pass through the colloidal mill
8.     It has good high temperature resistance, cooking at high temperature can still maintain a high viscosity, suitable for high temperature heating products
9.     It has good resistance to acid, in PH < 4 is, still can position high viscosity, suitable for acid food
10.  It has good salt tolerance, and its viscosity always increases with the increase of experimental content when the experimental content increases to 4%


1.     Sauce: mayonnaise, ketchup/tomato sauce, various fruit jam, etc.
2.     Yogurt, yogurt products
3.     Replace part of Agar-Agar in jelly
4.     Flavors: bean sauce, chili sauce, salad sauce, etc.
5.     Bread, cake, noodles, macaroni, improve the utilization of raw materials, improve taste and flavor
6.     Aquatic products, meat paste products, canned food, etc., strengthen the organization, maintain fresh taste, enhance taste sense
7.     Fruit juice, vegetable juice, wine, etc., as dispersant
8.     Ice cream, caraweis, etc., improve taste and stability





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