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E1401 Acid Treated Starach Modified Cassava Starch For Toffee

E1401 Acid Treated Starach Modified Cassava Starch For Toffee

Product Description

Cassava starch is the starch extracted from cassava roots, also known as cassava starch powder. Cassava starch is a white powder, tasteless and soluble in water. It is a starch product with high purity, low protein, low fat and low ash. Cassava starch is widely used in Asia, Africa and South America and is a very important food material.

- Distarch Phosphate E1412: used as a thickener for producing Instant Foods, Fast Food. (Bread, Instant Noodle, Pasta, Marshmallows, Ham, Meatballs, Fish balls, Sausages, Fish rolls...)

- Acetylated Distarch Phosphate E1414: ability to tolerate high heat and has better transparency, used for canned food, chilisauce, fruit jam, sausage, yogurt,Soy Sauce, Black Soy Sauce, Sauce, Meatballs, Fish Ball, etc.

- Acetylated E1420: this kind will prevent water leakage and keep the original surface texture of the product. Used for Instant noodles, frozen fast food, ice cream, rice paper, dim sum, rice cakes, aquatic food,...

- Acetylated Distarch Adipate E1422: decrease the temperature for coagulating glue. Increases consistency for starch when cooked.Application for making chili sauce, ketchup,Tomato Sauce, Vegetable Sauce, Mayonnaise, Canned Meat, Canned Fish, Fish Ball, Jam, Jelly, Cupcakes, Muffins, Pastry, Biscuits, Pudding, Milk Sour, Cream, etc.

Product Application

1. Food processing: Cassava starch is an important ingredient in many foods, such as bread, biscuits, cakes, noodles, salad dressing, etc. It can be used as stabilizer, thickener, coagulant and emulsifier to improve the taste and quality of food.

2. Textile processing: Cassava starch is a commonly used textile processing aid, which can be used for fabric sizing, printing and dyeing sizing, and strengthening adhesives.

3. Pharmaceutical industry: cassava starch can be used in the manufacture of tablets, capsules and injections. It can be used as filling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, humectant and solvent.

4. Cosmetics: Cassava starch can be used in the manufacture of cosmetics, such as face cream, shampoo, toothpaste and cosmetics. It can be used as humectant, oil absorbent, stabilizer and rheology agent.

5. Candy manufacturing: Cassava starch can be used in candy manufacturing to increase the sweetness of candy, improve the taste, and prevent candy from sticking together.

6. Paper processing: Cassava starch can be used in paper processing to enhance the hardness and gloss of paper, and also improve the printing performance of paper.

7. Manufacturing of bioplastics: Cassava starch can be used in the manufacturing of bioplastics. It can replace traditional petroleum-based plastics and reduce environmental pollution and resource consumption.

8. Industrial production: cassava starch can be used in industrial production, such as oil exploration, textile processing, steel production and paper making.

It should be noted that although cassava starch is widely used in many applications, it also has some limitations. For example, because cassava starch contains a large amount of amylase inhibitors and dietary fiber, excessive consumption may have a certain impact on human health. In addition, in some industrial applications, cassava starch may also have some safety risks that need to be strictly controlled.





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