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Carboxymethyl starch sodium industrial grade modified starch

Carboxymethyl starch sodium industrial grade modified starch

Carboxymethyl starch

Sodium carboxymethyl starch, also known as carboxymethyl starch, is an anionic starch ether with the chemical formula [C10H19O8Na]n. It is a white or yellow powder and is an electrolyte that is soluble in cold water. It is a kind of modified starch and belongs to ether starch, which is a water-soluble anionic polymeric compound. It is tasteless, non-toxic, not easy to mold, and easily soluble in water when the degree of substitution is more than 0.2.


It is usually used as its sodium salt, also known as (CMS-Na) Shape: White or yellow powder, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, heat-absorbent. Soluble in water to form colloidal solution, stable to light and heat. Insoluble in ethanol, ether, chloroform and other organic solvents. The aqueous solution is more stable in alkali and less stable in acid, generating free acid insoluble in water and reducing viscosity, so it is not suitable for strongly acidic food. When the aqueous solution is heated above 80℃ for a long time, the viscosity will be reduced. The product has similar properties with carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), with a variety of properties such as thickening, suspension, dispersion, emulsification, bonding, water retention, protection of colloids. It can be used as emulsifier, thickener, dispersant, stabilizer, sizing agent, film-forming agent, water retention agent, etc. It is widely used in petroleum, textile, daily chemical, paper, construction, food, medicine and other industrial sectors, and is known as "industrial monosodium glutamate".

Essential details

CAS No.:/
Other Names: Sodium carboxymethyl starch
Place of Origin:China, China
Classification:Other Adhesives, Chemical Auxiliary Agent
Main Raw Material:Other
Usage:Construction, Fiber & Garment, Packing, Woodworking
Brand Name:JoinedFortune
Model Number:ji-004, Carboxymethyl Starch Sodium
Type:powder, PaperMaking Chemical
Product name:carboxymethyl starch
PH Value:6.5-8.5
Shelf Life:2 years
Use:Coating Auxiliary Agents, Paper Chemicals, Petroleum
Appearance:White or Yellowish Powder

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