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Low Moisture Starch

Low Moisture Starch

Low moisture starch refers to starch that has undergone a process to reduce its moisture content, resulting in a dry and stable form. This modification improves the shelf life and handling properties of the starch, making it suitable for specific applications where low moisture content is desired.

Product Description:
Low moisture starch is typically available as a fine, dry powder with a low water content. The process of reducing the moisture content involves drying the starch under controlled conditions to remove excess moisture. The resulting starch has a longer shelf life and improved stability compared to regular starch.

Low moisture starch finds applications in various industries where low moisture content is advantageous. Some common applications include:
Dry Blends and Seasonings: Low moisture starch is used in dry blends and seasonings to improve flowability, prevent caking, and enhance stability. It acts as a carrier for flavors, colors, and other ingredients, ensuring consistent dispersion and easy handling.

Dry Mixes and Instant Foods: It is used in dry mixes for instant foods such as soups, sauces, gravies, and desserts. The low moisture content ensures prolonged shelf life, improved dispersibility, and enhanced rehydration properties.

Ready-to-Eat Snacks: Low moisture starch is used in the production of ready-to-eat snacks like chips, crisps, and extruded snacks. It helps provide a crispy texture, moisture control, and extended shelf life.

Pet Food: It is used in the production of pet foods to enhance stability, texture, and palatability. The low moisture content helps prevent microbial growth and maintain the quality of the product.

Pharmaceuticals: Low moisture starch can be used in pharmaceutical formulations, particularly in tablet and capsule production. Its low moisture content helps ensure stability, prevent degradation, and enhance the flow properties of the powder mix.

Adhesives: Low moisture starch is used in adhesive formulations, such as in the production of corrugated board or paperboard. Its low moisture content improves the adhesive properties, enhances bond strength, and reduces drying time.
Low moisture starch provides improved stability, extended shelf life, and enhanced handling properties compared to regular starch. Its low water content makes it suitable for applications where moisture control, flowability, and stability are critical. By modifying the moisture content of starch, it can be tailored to meet specific requirements of different industries and applications.

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