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Corn Starch Food Grade China Origin Maize Starch Wholesale Cheap price Food Additives

Corn Starch Food Grade China Origin Maize Starch Wholesale Cheap price Food Additives

Introduction and Application:

1.Use corn as raw material, Baisheng Corn Starch is through impregnated, fragmentation, separation, purification, and dryed into powder products.   

2.The color of Corn starch is white ,and the whiteness above 92%.

3.The smell of our corn starch is very pure.

4. It was widely used in food, medicine, paper making, starch deep processing, metallurgy, foundry industry and so on.

  a.Starch sugar: Starch sugar is the starch deep processing yield of the largest class of products, mainly food additives, also is the industrial raw materials.Starch sugar is an essential nutrient

  b.Monosodium glutamate: Corn starch is MSG production process indispensable material.

  c. Modified starch:Application of modified starch in food industry can be processed food at room temperature or low temperature preservation process to avoid water separation, because through the degeneration increases the transparency of starch paste, it can improve the appearance of food, improve its gloss. Modified starch has a large amount of in textile industry

  d. On the pharmaceutical industry, starch is the most important raw materials, since almost all production by fermentation with starch

  e.Food processing: Starch as raw materials can be used directly to fans, meat, ice cream and other aspects, and the demand is stability.

  f. It can also be applied to paper and beer production.
Product name modified waxy corn starch
Grade Food Frade
Appearance White powder
Moisture 15%Max
PH 5.0-7.5
Whiteness 90% Min
Fineness 99%Min
Total plate count 5000Max
E.Coli 3.0Max
Yeast/Mould 500Max

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